Strain Infomation


Lemon Daddy is a sativa-dominant hybrid with some very reputable genetics. This is a cross between Super Lemon Haze and Grand Daddy Purple and has all the flavor and potency of both its parent strains. Lemon Daddy offers users well-balanced effects and a THC content that ranges from 19% to 24%.

When properly cured, Lemon Daddy’s flowers give off the unmistakable tang of lemon. There are also some rich, earthy scents, similar to soil or dried leaves.

Lemon Daddy is a great all-purpose sativa whether you’re enjoying alone or sharing with friends. Its cerebral awareness also makes a great enhancement to a trip through the great outdoors.



Auto Gigabud, as the name suggests, is an autoflowering variety that can develop gigantic buds. This cannabis strain has been developed by G13 Labs, who love to blend contrasting cannabis strains with one another. Legendary ancestor-strains help Auto Gigabud reach its potential.

Northern Light x Big Bud x Ruderalis


Blue Diesel Auto

 Auto Blue Diesel is a cross of two auto-flowering cannabis strains, namely Auto Biodiesel Mass x Auto Blueberry. It pulls off quite a trick in managing to combine the citrus aroma of the former with the delicious berry flavour of the latter.

Auto BioDiesel Mass x Auto Blueberry


Iced Grape Krush (Regs)

Prime brings you Iced Grape Krush. This hybrid was developed from the pairing of D.J. Short's grape krush and D's second generation Snow D male.

Selected for yield and potency the parents bring amazing fruity notes and intense resin production. A high thc strain, iced grape krush is ideal for pain relief. A true 50/50 hybrid the effects are euphoric initially becoming more sedating at the one hour mark.

Expect thc levels to reach between 22-26% depending on method of cultivation and grower skill. This strain is susceptible to stress related issues and recommended for intermediate to advanced growers. Does best in a climate controlled indoor or greenhouse grow with organic grow tech such as no till.


Bubble Gum [Fems]

We at prime are pleased to offer bubble gum IBL as our first femme release. Exceptionally stable in bred line. The chosen parents both pheno identical "Indica" phenotype.

Expect compact, fast flowering plants. Thc level of chosen mother 18% alpha cat field test. Bubble gum thc values range from 15-20%. Excellent yield and amazing bubble gum terpenoid profile and flavor after curing for 4 weeks.

Genuine bubble gum femme ibl, Indica pheno. The most stable strain we have developed to date


Magic Cookies (Regs)

Magic cookies. Tanzanian Magic a land race from the land locked country of Tanzania meets diesel cookies f3.

This is a very sativa dominant strain, expect some crazy stretch. Thc v levels are 2-3 % so expect stimulation to dominate the medical effects of this strain. Aromas of sandal wood, citrus, candy with undertones of fuel funk. Thc values range from.18-22%


Prime is pleased to release Giga zkittles. This is the first femme fast strain we offer. Giga x zkittles. Flower time of around 7-8 weeks.

This is a very potent strain with the potential to reach 24-28% thc. There will also be some cbd around 1-3 %. Expect sweet and fruity aromas and taste.

The process used was a combination of ga3 and colloidal silver giving a 90% or greater rate of females.

Disclaimer: Despite this there is a possibility of female plants expressing as males. In future prime Will be using STS exclusively for femme production which guarantee 98% females.



Venom F2. Due to high demand prime are pleased to launch venom autoflower. This is a fresh batch of F2 seeds. Expect a lot of pheno variances. This is a sativa dominant auto flower that can take 12-14 weeks from seed.

The taste of venom is an amazing blend of citrus and strawberry. Expect 10-15% thc and up to 5%CBD

A great medical strain and best used in the evening. This is a regular auto strain.

Disclaimer: The F2 venom have not been test grown as yet. If at week 6-7 flowering has not commenced you have a photo dependant pheno type. Reduce light hours to 12 gradually. This will incept flowering and will not reduce yield because of photo period genetic dominance.



They are a 3 way Kush cross with Agent Orange thrown into the cross to really hammer home the impact of the Kush's

Indica dominated beautiful plants that are more suited indoors and would love to be SCROGGED.

Old school genetics to really make the older smokers smell and reminisce of the good ol' days